Clara has a deep love of science fiction and non-fiction. Outer space, NASA, space travel, sci fi movies and documentaries have always attracted her attention. Lady In Space is the Maheekat version of visiting the outer reaches of the galaxy.

"...begins with ethereal alternative guitars and the comfortable tap of the drums in the background, until the fantastic and hypnotic vocals enter the mix, giving the song a distant folk sound that mixes in brilliantly with the dream rock fused bass, thick and heavy."
- Primal Music Blog


Boarding the ship as the whistle blows
She's right at home with the cockpit controls
And if her glasses slip down her nose
There's no distraction 'cause there she goes

Lady in space
Lady in space
Lady in space

And what good luck that the sky's so clear
'Cause that means flying without any fear
And as she pushes the atmosphere
Here come the stars that she hold so dear

Lady in space
Lady in space
Lady in space

From all around
Perspective is found
She might stay
Or fly fly fly away

Lady in space
Lady in space
Lady in space

I don't know how she flies so high
I don't know how she flies so high
I don't know how she flies so high

You have now reached your destination


from Songs from the Woods (REMASTERED), released December 1, 2016
Lady In Space - Remastered by Paul du Gré.

Craig Camp: Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys
Clara Efrona: Vocals, Guitar, Keys

Video Footage Credits:
Sci Fi- Alert Warning Stand By Online - wavycat.net
Milky Way Timelapse - mpaynecreative.tv
Static Noise 1 - Static noise effect - recroomhq.com
Moon and Earth / Mars and Sun - www.flickr.com/photos/mattiamc/



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maheekats California

Haunting dream rock. The group’s sound is characterized by its surreal lyrics, lush vocals, edgy post–punk, psychedelic and progressive influences and use of sonic experimentation.

Established in 1999, Craig plays drums and bass. Clara plays guitar and sings. They both are dedicated to writing ethereal melodies and poetic lyrics which give the music its unique foundation and soundscape.
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